Sunday, April 15, 2012

All My Needs Are Met In You

I have a fifteen year old Korean classmate. I forgot how he came to know that I am a believer. With his limited English, he told me that he goes to a fellowship that caters to the foreigners. By this time I already found a place to meet up with others on a Sunday. I was some what torn between saying Yes to him and leaving my regular Sunday group. In the end, I decided to give it a go.

It was the 25th March 2012, the last Sunday of the month. My little Korean friend came to pick me up to join their group. So there I was, the first person to arrive that day. I realised that his father is the Shepherd of that fellowship and he himself is the worship leader as he plays piano very well!! When more people came in to join the meeting, I realised that most of the members were students from Africa. And to my joy and amazement, three Indians were among the members, two Nagas and one Oriya.

After the service, I invited my two new found Naga friends over to my little apartment. We talked about ourselves and were all excited to know that we were somewhat on the same boat. I suggested to them that we could meet up on a regular basis to just be able to share our burdens and take it to our Father in Heaven. We agreed to do so. In the process of our discussions, I shared about how I was not able to browse some of the webpage that I wanted due to the strong censorship in the country. They told me about a program that they use and that they would be happy to share with me. I was so amazed at the way God provided my needs at the time when I was struggling to buy it online and even the webpage of the ones that sells the product itself was blocked!! Thanks to them that I now can browse whatever webpage that I needed to see!!

My house is rather small and there is not much space for an extra furniture. We talked about how we would sit when we meet together and agreed on a small carpet, then we could all sit together on the floor. So, in the following days in that week, I was pondering about the kind of carpet/mat/rug I should buy. I knew that my resources are quite limited and I cant afford to buy expensive ones. While I was debating on that, I received an email from a friend giving out information to all her colleagues; including me because I'm her ex-colleague who just returned; that they have a rug that they wanted to dispose off!! I was surprised at the timing of the information. I knew it was something that I couldn't miss and I also knew that it came from my Father in Heaven. I just sat there looking at my email wondering how my God knows every detail of my needs! I haven't even shared about this particular need with him. It was something that was just in my mind. So I replied to the mail saying that I would take the rug and I also found out that if I was a few minutes late I would not get the rug as someone else was queuing for it.

This experience has inspired me enormously! I came out to this land with all that I have (I actually have nothing) trusting in His providence. And here I am, being provided with my needs for free. It was a good reminder that He is still with me, just as He had promised never to leave me alone!

The Bible says: Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. -Mat. 6:33 (New Living Translation); even though I haven't done anything great for Him, I knew that the Lord approves of my desire to buy the mat and he gave me a better one which I would not afford to buy. For some, this experience might be nothing worth mentioning, but for me it was a reminder of God's goodness and faithfulness in my life. I just want to put it down in words to look at them over again when I need inspiration.

Thank you Lord for your Providence in my life. 


  1. Beautiful post..God is indeed good..Bless you and your service...