Thursday, September 25, 2008

Easy Prey for Thievin Wanderer

One thing about our city is that everyone is vulnerable to thieves who seems to be wandering about searching for easy prey. Once again I fell prey to these thievin wanderer on the streets that I've come to be so familiar with.

It was raining in the afternoon, as I always do when I go out, I carried my back-pack (with just two books inside) on my back walking towards my humble abode hiding under the umbrella that I was carrying. Even though I was aware that its never safe to carry bags at the back of our body, I sometimes take my chances too, partly because I get frustrated always having to stand on guard. Sometimes its easy to identify a person who could be suspected as someone who might be possibly a pick-pocket, based on a layman's judgement from their appearance, which may not be necessarily true. From experience those judgements are never really true possibly because I didn't get to see them in action or I'm just not the one they would attack. I don't know. A few thieves tried their hands on my bags but so far never made it. Some are kids, some young men and some middle aged including some beautiful girls that one would least expect!

As I was walking along the street, deep in thought, I felt pressures on my bag behind me but I didn't attend to it as quickly as I used to because I was walking deep in thought. At first I thought it might be my umbrella brushing my bag. Then suddenly the brushing became harder than before and that's when I remebered to turn my head to find a man's hand on the zipper of my bag. The man was wearing a deep oranged coloured Polo shirt and possibly in his 40's. He continued to walk as if nothing had happened. When I turned to see him in action I saw on the side of the road, a few other people staring at him in action. But the hardest thing to accept is that people turned a blind eye to these kind of thieving for fear of being a victim for helping their prey.

Once again I'm happy to share with you that I managed to get away from being pickpoketed for the ummteenth time!! Someone may call it a coincidence but I would like to call it Divine intervention!! The simple reason is that I forgot my purse and didn't carry anything valuable, except for the two books and two pens deep down inside my backpack. Also, this time I was holding my mobile phone inside my skirt pocket unlike the last time!! I was a little upset with myself when I realised that I forgot to carry my purse thinking that I would give myself a little treat by going to the foot massage. After this incident, I was inspired to be thankful to God even in simple situations like this because HE knows and CARES!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Chinese Tones

The First Tone

The Second Tone 

The Third Tone 

The Fourth Tone

This is a model of the different tones in the chinese language. The first tone is called Yi Sheng (一声),the second tone Er Sheng ( 二声),the third tone San Sheng (三声),the fourth tone Si Sheng (四声).

Picture taken at Qujiang Shi (Park)

A Budhha's Hand Citron

Fingered Citron or Buddha's Finger is native to the foothills of the Himalayas. The Greeks and the Romans used the fruit as a source of fragrance and its leaves as moth repellant. Orientals and Mediterranean countries used them as perfumes and room freshener.  Also used as a religious ceremonial ornament. 

Took this picture at Kunming Airport with Sekibuhchhuak. It's an unusual fruit that attracts my attention so I thought i might just share it. 


Friday hmasa khan free talkah "Would you like to live to be a 100? Why or Why not?" tih topic hi kan sawi hova. Hemi kan sawina atang hian tunlai thangtharte an buai lutuk tawh a khawpuiah phei chuan nu leh pa enkawltu tur an awm lova tar enkawlna hmunah an dah ringawt tawh thu te an sawi chhuak a. Chutia an sawi zarah chuan Mizoram a thihni a kan insawngbawl dante ka sawi a. Chainis ho pawh hian kan tih ang deuh hian an lo in ral ve thin a lo ni a. Thian hnaite emaw chhungte hnaite an nih emaw chuan an ralna pek a tam deuhva, hmelhriat satliah an nih chuan an pe tlem deuh a tih thu te naupang hovin an sawi a. Mizo te nen chuan in anna tak tak chu kan lo ngah viau a ni tih hi ka hmu chhuak thar zel a ni.

Tin, tar lamah hian mi kum 80 an tlin hian lawmna pui tham deuh an neihpui thin a, kum rei tak an dam tawh loh theih avangin he hun hi lawm ngei turah an ngai a ani.

Newsletter July 2008

MyUpdate 6-19 (July ‘08)
4th Septemper 2008

Tuntum chu ka zinna chanchin kan han ziak dawn a. A sei deuh a nih pawhin dawhtheih min han chhuahsak leh hram dawn nia.

Dushanzi khuaah Pathian hruaina
Xi’an atangin relin zan hnih leh ni khat kan chuan hnuah Xinjiang khawpui,Urumqi ah chuan zing dar 7 ah kan thlenga. Tichuan, rel station atanga hla vak lovah Bus station a awm a, chuta tang chuan kan kal tumna Dushanzi chu bus in kan pan phei leh a. Darkar hnih chuang kan tlan hnu chuan Dushanzi chu kan thleng ta a. Livia-I nu leh pa ten an motorin min lo hruai a. Livia-I te hian in thlenna mumal an neih loh avangin Hotelah min dah a. Rilru khawih tak mai chu, an hotel min dahna hi a tha em em mai a, ka thlen tawhnaah chuan a la tha ber awm e, a man pawh a tovin an theih tawk a tha ah min dah a ni tih a hriat theih mai a. Room zau takah khum lian tak tak pahnih, HDTV lian tak mai bangah a lo bet run mai bawk a. Tin, computer, internet connection tha tak mai nen. Bathroomah nise Hydromassage Shower Cubicle nen a loni rup mai a. A tha lutuk a a inthlahrunawm duh khawp mai. Mahse min duhsakna an lantir nan a an tih a nih avangin lawm takin kan awm ta a.

Kan thlen ni hian Livia in nu leh pa leh a unaunu ten chhunchaw dangdai tak mai min ei pui a. Yurt (nomads ho puanin) restaurantah min hruai a, beram/kel sa chi hrang hrang a siam min rawn hlui teuh mai a, ei teuh theih a chakawm hle.

Pathian remruat mak tak
Kan thlen zanah hian Livia-I nuin chaweiah min sawm veleh thunga, a thiannu a rawn hruai a. Ka nau hian high school a a thian kawm thinte pahnih a hruai bawka. Hemi tum hi chuan Chainis restaurant pangaiah min hruai ve thung. Hetia chaw ei tura kan han in singsa velah hian, Livia I nu thiannu chuan, “Puii chu Indian I ni sia sa I ei lovang a…” a ti a. “A ni chu Ctian a nia, a ei thei,” tiin ka nau chuan a lo chhang vat a. Chutia an sawi veleh chuan, “E.. a ni maw? Keipawh ka nia sin,” a rawn ti velah a. Ka nauvin Ctian a nih thu a lo sawi ve bawk a. Tichuan, hlim deuh chuan kan phul ta hlut mai a. A ni chuan Pathian a rin tan dan chanchin zawng zawng chu Chainis tawngin a sawi ta malh malh a, a chang changing ka nau chuan min lehlin sak ve a. Darkar hnih lai mai titi pahin chaw kan ei ta a ni. An inkhawmna chanchinte a sawi a, ka naute khua a ringtu chanchinte a sawi ta a. Ka nau Livia I tan hian biakin kan dil sak thin a, kan tawngtaina Pathianin min chhan sak ta a kan lawm hle.

A tuk chhun lamah khua te kan fanga, Livia school luhna te, bazaarte kan fang kual a. A tuk mai a haw tur kan nih avangin Livia I nu leh pa in Dinner ah min hruai leh a. Hemi tum a kan dinner ei hi chu a dan a dang deuh. Livia-I nu leh pa hian an fanu tan a tha tur ni a an hriat, nakin a hna pe thei tur ni a an hriatte an hmelhriat, sorkar lama thuneitu thenkhat te chu “guanxi” (inlaichinna) siam an duh avangin chaweiah chuan an sawm a keini pawh kan tel ve a. Hemi zan hi chuan a boruak a dang hle. Ka nau hian he an Chainis kalchar a an tih thin (inlaichinna suma an lei thin) hi tha a tih loh avangin lungawi lo deuhvin chaweinaah chuan a awm ve a. Keini pawnlam mi tan chuan sawitur a vang hle. Mahse an mikhuakte chuan India ram chanchinte min zawt a kei ai mahin Chaina nen an inkar boruakte an hria a, mikhual lo takin min sawngbawl a, ka rin aiin nuam ka ti ve hle.

Uighur chhungkaw inah chaw ei
Bus a kan chhuannaah ka nau hian Uighur hnam nu fel zet mai hi thian chhar thar a nei a. Hemite chhung hian chaweiah min sawm bawk si a. Vawihnih ngawt mai chawei a ngai a puar theih hle. Zan dar 9:30ah kan chawei kham hnuah chuan Uighur chhungkua te inah hian kan va kal a. Mawsawlman an ni a, an hnam tihdan a an duhsakte an hlui thin angin keini pawh kan va thleng chu dawhkan sei takah hian ei tur hi an lo dah khat vek mai a. Nuts (cashew, almonds, pista etc) chi hrang hrang manto tak tak leh chhangte min lo hlui teuh mai a. A hnuah Beram sa, a ruhkawl chhum lian pui pui mai purun nen an rawn chhawp a. Tin, Pulao (rice) tuihnai theihtawp a an siam nen chuan sa chu kan khel leh ta bawngbawng a. Chutia chaw kan eikhamah chuan dawnfawh liantawk min rawn chhawp leh. Kan puar lutuk a thuthat pawh a harsa a ni. An fanu pakhat lam thiam tak a awm a, chu chuan an hnam lam te min entir a, a hnuah lamte min zirtir a. Nuam ti tak leh kham lo takin zanlai dawnah kan haw ta ani. Kan vannei kan inti hle a. Mawsawlman ho hi kan hnam veite zinga mi an ni a hetianga an hnamzia hriat theihna huntha kan nei hi kan lawm tak zet ani.

Zan hnih Dushanzi a kan riah hnu chuan Urumqi lam panin July ni 4 khan zing dar 8 velah kan chhuak leh ta a.

Tulufan khaw lum lamah
Tulufan hi khawvel a hmun hniam (depression) tak a ni a tuipui atanga teh a feet 98 (30 metres) chauh a ni a. Urumqi chhim-chhak lam km 150 a awm a ni. Bus in darkar 5 vel tlan a ni. Urumqi a cham lovin kan pan tlang nghal a kan thlen thlak meuh chuan khua a lo lum kher mai a degree 44 0 C lai mai a lo ni a. Hotelah kan indah sawk sawk a he khua a khualzinten an tlawth thin hmun te kan tlawh a. Hmanlai khaw hlui ram tawh Jiao He leh Karez Valley an tih chu kan tlawh a (Karez= Tulufan mi te tui lak dan hming). Tulufan hi hmun hniam tak mai tlangin a hual vel a ni a, chuvang chuan a khawro in a thlaler hle mai a. Hmanlai miten tui lak dan dangdai tak mai hmangin a he khua chawm dan hi an lo hmu chhuak tawh a. Lei hnuaiah Metre 1 ½ a thukah tui kawng an lai a, boruak a a hu ral tur venhim nan chu leihnuai tui kawngah chuan tlanga vur tui te chu an luan luh tir a. Hmun hrang hrangah chutiang tui kawng chu an lai a, chuta tui luangte chua a ruam lai li ah tlinn khawm tir a chuta tang chuan an lo sem darh ve leh ta a. Chutiang chuan hmun khawro tak ni mahse tui tlachham miah lovin an awm ta a ni.

Tulufan hi a mi chengte hi Mawsawlman an ni tlangpui hlawm a. Chuvang chuan an in leh lo te pawh an hnam rawngkai a ni tlangpui hlawm a. Mahse Han ho an ram a an luh tam tawh avangin an architecture pawh hmuh tur a tlem tawh.

Zankhat kan riak a a tuk chhunah chuan Minaret te kan tlawh a. (The Mummy: Tomb of the Emperor ah pawh a lang) Tin, grape chinga eizawnna hmunpui a ni bawk a, grape chinna hmunpui Grape Valley an tih mai te kan tlawh bawk a. Grape chi hrang hrang an ngah hle. Flaming Mountain an tih kan tlawh bawk a. He tlang hi hmanlai a tlangkang atanga tuihnang lo luang chhuakin pawng leh khuar a siamte hi, ni a sat vanglai chuan mei alh ang maiin a lang thin a chuvang a a hming pawh hetiang hi a ni an ti. Kan vannei nge vanduai hriat a ni lo, kan tlawh ni hian khua a lum nep deuhva tin chhum te a awm deuhva chuvang chuan a nihna phaw chhuak khawpin a lang chiang lo.

Tlai lamah Urumqi lam panin bus in kan chho leh a, zan khat Urumqi ah kan riak leh a. Urumqi hun hi Beijing hun aia darkar hnih laia a tlai avangin, hun pahnih vawn kawp a ngai a. Tlai lam a Urumqi a dar 6 chu Beijingah chuan dar 8 a lo ni duai tawh a ni. Urumqi ah hian Youth Hostelah kan riak a, tah chuan zin veivak dang thiante kan char ve hlawm a. Chung hote nen chuan a tukah Tiachi Lake (Heavenly Lake) a kal turin kan intiam rual ta a.

Tianchi Dil kal hual chhuak
Urumqi khawchhak lam Km 110 laia hla a awm Tianchi Dil (Heavenly lake) hi, 4.9 square kilometers lai mai a zau a ni a. Nipuiah chuan zin veivakte hahchawlhnan duhthusam a ni. He dil kamah hian Kazakhs hovin an puanin “YURT” an tih chu an kaih a, chu chu zin miten man chawiin riahnan an hmang a, khawpui zi nuai nuai tlanbosan a thawk han lak nan a tha hle. Urumqi atangin darkar hnih vel tlan a ni.

Kan thiante panga leh keini pathum chu July ni 6 khan he dil lam pan hian kan kal ta a. Kan thlen chuan kan thenna pa Rashit-a chuan min lo lam vat a. Foreigner ho hian Rashit-a yurt hi an hriat laklawh avangin a tlangpuiin foreigner ho chauh mikhual a nei thin. Tin, chainis ho hian hetiang a Kazakhs ho yurt a va riahchhuah hi an ching vak lo an ti. Rashit-a fapa in min buaipui leh a a hnuah a tupa in yurt ah chuan min hruai ta a. Chhunkhaw harsat hmel tak a ni ve hlawm a, chuvang chuan an vaiin he sumdawnnaah hian an tang tlang tha hle.

Kan thleng fel a kan bukah kan indah fel a, chhun chaw kan ei kham felah chuan tlangte kan lawn a, tlai lamah UNO (card game) te kan khel a hlim takin kan hun kan hmang a.

Atukah chuan kan bula Dil chu kal hual tha ka ti tlang a, zing chawei khamah chuan kan thawmhnaw nen dil chu kan kal hual ta a. A chhukchhovin kal a hahthlak ve hle a, mahse a boruak a thiangin thlifim a thleh heuh heuh avangin hah a chawk hle. Darkar li vel kal chhuah nan kan hmang a ni. Tichuan, gatepui bulah chuan Urumqi a min dah leh tur bus in min lo nghak a, khawpui lam pan chuan kan let leh ta a ni.

Mizo ho nen chaw ei khawm
Urumqi ah hian rawngbawla awm kan thiante Pari leh Estheri an awm ve a, chawei khawm ve ngei thain kan hre si a, hun chep tak karah ka thiante pahnih chu ka hruai a kan panga chuan chaw kan eikhawm thei a kan hlim ve hle. Atuk lamah Xi’an lam kan pan thla leh ta a ni.

Nanwutai tlang lawn
Pathian hian thian tha tak tak te min pe thin a. Ka thawhpuite pahnih Simona leh Almut-I te haw hlen tur a an inbuatsaih avangin a, thiltih ho a khat dawn tawh em a vangin huhova tlanglawn tha kan ti a. July 11 khan Nanwutai tlang chu kan va lawn a. Tourist te kalna hmun lama kal lovin a tlang chhengchhe lamah kawng awm chang chang lamah chuan kan kal ta a. Hmanhmawh lutuk lovin darkar 5 lai kan kal a nuam kan ti hle. Kekawrbul kan hak vek avang leh a hmatawnga ka tan avangin chawn erawh chu hlingin a tai trial nasa hle thung.
Dam takin Aizawl thleng: July 13 ah Xi’an atanga Kunming kaltlangin Kolkatta ah ka thleng chhova, a tuk ni 14 ah Aizawl dam takin ka thleng chho.

Inneih hmang tluang
Kan unau a kan milai hmeichhia hian pasal July 18 khan tluang takin a nei a. Hei inneih hi tuntum a ka chawlh hman tinuamtu pakhat pawh a ni. Tluang takin inneih hman a ni a, kan tawngtainate Pathianin a chhanna min hmuh tir nasa hle. Pathianin ropuina chang rawh se.

Mite duhsakna dawng
Mite tlinglo taka kan rawngbawlna te min lo ngaihhlut sak ve thin a, hetia han chawlh chang hi chuan hun min lo pe zung zung thin a. Bptst English Fellshp (BEF) chuan an inkhawmnaah report pekna hun July 27 khan Chaltlang kohhranah min pe a, ka lawm hle.

Lunglei lamah
Lunglei Kohhran Office pui lamah ka va in report a, an duhsakna dawngin kan hna chungchangah pawh Substantive Post ah min lo hlankai ve avangin chung atana thiltul leh keima thiltul te buaipuiin ka kal a. Office a thawk hoten hlim taka min lo buaipuinaah ka lawm takzet a ni. Khua erawh a that duh lutuk loh avangin hritlangin min bawm duh hle.
Pathian ropui nan

Newsletter June 2008

MyUpdate 5-18 (June ‘08)
30th July ‘08

Pathian hruaina leh awmpuina in 2007-2008 semester chu tluang takin kan lo zo leh ta reng mai. Pathian min hruaina a ropui a, kohhran hote min tawngtaipuina ah leh min hriatrengnaah lawmthu ka han sawi leh e. Pathian min hruaina hi a ropui ka ti thin a, nitin hian thilmak hi ka hmu reng mai hian ka hre thin. Haw tura ka inbuatsaih rilruk tan avangin nghet lutuk lovin ka hun ka hmang a mahse he ti chung hian ka rawngbawlna kawngah malsawmna ka dawn hi ka chhiar seng lo a ni ber mai e.

Mite duhsakna dawng: January thla chawhnu lampang khan ka nau Kareni leh a unauten ka thiante nen park a lengah min sawm a. Nuam ti takin vur ten kan indo vel a. Tichuan hun a lokal zela ka nau pakhat Karen-I chuan a unauten kan bula awm nuam an tih thu leh hun remchangah min len chhuah pui an duh thu min hrilh a. Tichuan, June ni 7 kha kan hman ni awmchhun a nih avangin inhmu turin hun kan siama. Zing lamah ka thianpa nen kan bazaar a, mahse kan vahvelnaah chuan kan tluang lo angreng lutuk a lunghnur deuh hian ka haw a. Mahse ka rilruah “chawhnu lamah hian thil tha deuh a thleng dawn anga setana hian lungawilohna min siamsak a tum a niang” tiin ka inhnem a. Tichuan kan bazaar haw veleh ka nauten min lo nghah reng tawh avangin hmanhmawh takin ka naute min nghahna lamah chuan kan phei a. Ka beisei lo tak maiin Car tha zel mai hian min lo nghak a, chu mai bakah zin mite tlawh thin (Tourist Spot) tha tak mai kan kal chak em em hmunah min hruai tur thu min hrilh a kan lawm em em mai a. Tichuan, nuam ti deuhvin lui dung te kan zawh a, tuikhawhthla te kan en a, sakawr chungah te min chuan pui a. Heng hmuna kan luhna man hi a tam hle a mahse pakhatmah kan chawi a phal si lo. Lawm deuhvin nuam ti takin kan hun kan hmang chawhnu thak a. Tin ka nau unuate hian saptawng an tawng theilova, “Thank you” tih vel te hi chu an sawi ve thei. Chutiang ang chuan Chinese thiam chhun chhun hmangin kan inkawm ve a. Pathian hian min duhsak tak tak tu ringlo tu ni si te hi min pe thin a, kan phu vang pawh nilovin a hmangaihna leh kan hrehawm a phal loh zia a lantirna a ni tih ka thinlungah min hriatnawn tir thin.

Pathian nena nung tura duhthlang: Ka mail hmasa ah chuan tawitein he chanchin hi ka rawn sawi tawh a mahse chipchiar zawkin han tarlan ka duh a. Hetia ka naute nen kan leng kan haw hnu lawk hian ka nau Livia’in min rawn bia a. Tah chuan a thiante’n Pathian hnena an nun hlanve an duh a chu chu ka huaihawt theih leh theih loh thu min rawn zawt a. Tichuan a tuk chawlhni a inhmu khawm turin ruahhmanna kan siam ta a. Mahse a tukah chuan an mahni kohhhranah chuan a lo inkhawmpui a tah chuan an hotuten Pathianthute hrilhin inhlanna te an lo neih pui a. Tlai lamah chaweiah ka sawm ta thung a. Kan chaw ei khamah chuan ka inah kan haw leh dial a, engvanga Pathian kan nun a thlang nge kan nih thu te kan sawi hova nuam ti takin kan hun kan hmang ta a.

Inhlan ho zinga pakhat Amelia-i chuan heti hian a chanchin a sawi a. “College te kan kal a, thiante nen nun ho tak in kan khawsa thin a. Hunawl kan neihin KTV (Karaoke Tv) ah te, Clubah te kan hun kan hmang thin a. Kan awmho lai chuan nuam titakin kan awm a mahse hostel dormitory ah kan hawng a, a hranga kan han awm chiah hian ka nun hi a ruak ngawih ngawih thin a. Ka hlimna chuan a daih rei lo thei em em a, tin, nun awmzia hi enge ka hre lo a ni. Chutia ka ngaihtuah chang chuan ka hlim thei lo va ka ngui thin hle mai a. Mahse ka thiannu Livia-i nun hi ka en a, a nun hi a nawm hmel ka ti em em a, kan kum te a inanga kan khawvel chenna pawh a inang reng a mahse a nun a hlim em em mai chu ka awt thin a. Tichuan a nun chanchin ka zawt thin a. Ani chuan Pathian a rin thu leh a nun chu Pathianah a hlan tawh thu min hrilh a. Tin, inkhawnnaah te min hruai ve thin a. Biakina mite nun ka hmuhin hmangaihna a khat an niin ka hria a, kan society ah chuan khatiang an mi kha ka hmu ngai lo. Inhmangaih tak maia an inkawm dial dial ka hmuh te khan ka nun a khawih em em mai a. Tichuan, ringtu nih ka duh ve ta a, Pathian hnenah ka nun ka hlan ve ta a ni” tiin a chanchin hi a sawi a.

An thiannu pakhat Yolanda ti a a hming kan phuahsak chuan a chanchin ti hian a sawi ve thung a. “Graduate ka pass hnuin ka nu leh pa min rawn angin Continuing Education Department (Private a saptawng zirna department bik) ah hian ka kal tha leh a. Mahse college ka rawn kal a thian pakhat mah ka nei lova. Shaanxi province mi ka nih loh avangin ka klass pui ten min kawm duh si lova, mal takin ka awm thin a. Klass ka kal pawhin tumah ka be ngai lova, miin min biak pawh ka duh ngai lova. Klassroom chhungah pawh kan zirtirtuten min hmuh hlauvin a hnung berah ka thu a tumah be lovin ka haw leh tawp thin. Ka nun hi a beidawng em em thin a ni. Thian tha deuh mai Elaine-i ka nei a kan room a inan loh avangin an roomah hian ka awm reng thin a. Tlai khat chu keima roommate pakhat hian a mobile phone a ti bo va, ka haw tlai ber avangin ka ruk ah min puh ta a, ka ru si lova, mahse ka insawithiam ve dawn pawhin an awih si lova. Tichuan rilru na tak leh rilru hrehawm taka ka awm lai chuan ka thiannu thian Livia-i te nen hian kan inhmelhriat ta a Pathianthu min hrilh thin a. Chuta tang chuan ka khawvel thlir dan a lo danglam hret hret a, keima khawvel a ka tang a tumah pawh pawh duh lova ka awm kha ka lo danglam ta hret hret a, midang te biak duhna te kawm duhna te ka lo nei chho ve leh ta a ni. Tichuan, tunah kan thiante nun hi ka en a Pathian nen a nung a, an danglam bik tih ka hmuh hian Pathian thuawih ve ka duh a ka nun ka hlan ve ta a ni” a ti a.

Contract thar leh Visa thar siam: Kum 2008-2009 session atan Pathian hruainain tluang takin ka thawhna ngaiah contract tluang takin ka sign leh thei a ka lawm hle. Tin, visa hi contract nei lo chuan sign a theih loh avangin kan hotuten contract ka sign hnuah kum khat dang atan min siam sak leh a. Harsatna awm lova fel taka ka visa pawh tihfel a nih avangin ka lawm hle.

Ka nau ka tlawh kawng: Ka nau Livia’in saprama lehkha zirzawm a duh avangin amah thlah pah nan tiin an khuaah kal turin ka rilru ka siam a. Ni 30 zan khan relah ka nau leh kei leh kan thianpa nen relah an khaw lam panin kan chuang ta a. Zan dar 9 ah kan kal tan a, zan dar 10 velah chuan ka nau Mama’n min rawn phone a. Ka nu leh ka pa Bike a inkhawm tura an inphur chu taxi in a sut thu min rawn hrilh a. Ka thinlungah chuan “an pahnihin an thi” a rawn tih ring hian ka lo inbuatsaih a. Mahse a han sawi zel chuan, ka nu a na deuh hlek a ka pa erawh chu him pialin a chhuah thu a rawn sawi a. Ka rilruin Pathian hnenah lawmthu ka sawi mawlh mawlh a. Pathianin an nunna a zuah avangin lawmthu ka sawi a ni. Ka nu leh pa harsatna tawhah hian ka nu hian a zangruhte a sawh tawmin a dar ruh te a sawh khik avangin khumah thla khat tal mu turin doctorin a rawn a. Amaherawh chu ka nu vanneih zia hi kan sawi cham chi a ni. Doctorten tun aia a sawh nat chuan zeng tur a nih thu te an sawi a. Mahse zeng lova a awm avangin Pathian hnenah lawm thu kan sawi a ni.

Tichuan, rilru thlamuang takin, Pathianin a enkawl ang tih rilru pu in ka naute khua pawh ka tlawh theih phah ta a ni.

A changa harsa ti tak chunga ka theih anga rawng ka bawl ve thinna ah hian Pathian hian a hnathawh nasa tak min hmuh tir thin a. A bik takin ka nau pakhat kaltlanga mi pathumin Pathiana an nun an hlan thar hian min cho tharin Pathian tan tankaina nei va inhriatna min neih tir. Tling lo taka rawng kan bawlna te mal a sawm hmuh hian, Pathian rorelnaah hian thu kan neih loh zia leh keini tih nilovin rawngbawlna hun remchang min siamsak mai zawk a nih zia hi a chiang thar thin hle in ka hria. Kohhrante nen a rawng kan bawl hona zar a nih zia pawh ka hre nawn fo thin.

In mi hriatreng thinnaah lawmthu sawi chungin,

Pathian ropui nan,

Newsletter May 2008

MyUpdate 5-17 (May ‘08)
5th June ‘08

A hmasa in kan aia thi a tho leh Isua hmingin chibai ka buk a che u. Min tawngtaipuina zawng zawng avangin lawm thu ka rawn sawi leh duh a, ka email thawn lo chhiar thin tute, fuihna thu min rawn thawn thin tute avangin lawmthu ka han sawi bawk e. May thla chhung a kan awmna ram a lirnghing avanga harsatna min tuarpuitute, mipui tana tawngtaisaktute leh thawktute tan a bang lova tawngtai thin tute zawng zawng chungah lawm thu ka han sawi bawk e. Thla kalta a ka thil tawn te kan han ziak leh dawn a, tlawmngai taka min lo chhiarsak leh turin ka han ngen leh a ni.

Racheli’n pasal nei ta
Racheli chungchang hi ka newsletter ah hian ka ziak tam vak lova. Ka University thawhna hmasa a Remrema zirtir thin a ni. Rema te inah Pathianthu zirin a kal ve thin a. Amaherawh chu hna avangin Shanghai lamah a awm ta a. Inkawm ho dial dial kan nih avangin kan thiantha ve tak pakhat a ni. Tichuan, May ni 3 khan hun engmaw chen a lo haul tawh Morgan a nen an innei ta a. Jenisi Aizawlah damlohna avanga a lo haw lai a nih a, tin, Rema leh Beii an awm bawk si lova, khawhar takin keimahin an inneihna ah ka va kal ve a.

Zing dar 9 velah Racheli te in ka thlengphei a, tichuan mo incheiin a lo inchei tawh a, mopa lokal hun nghakin a thian dangte nen a roomah kan awmkhawma. Dar 10 velah an in bulah halpuah a rawn puak tawk tawk a, tahchuan mopa a lokal a ni tih an sawi a. Ri kan hriat veleh Racheli leh a thiante ho nen a roomah kan inkalh khuma, tin an kawngkharpuite an kalh veka. Chuan Mopa leh a thiante chuan room an rawn kik dawt dawt a, kawng an hawng duh loh avangin “hong bao” (envelope sen a chhunga poisa awm) chuan inchhunga awmte chu an rawn tlawn a, envelope sen chu an rawn rawlh lut a. Tichuan, kan awmna pindanah pawh chutiang bawk chuan kawngkhar chu an rawn kik a. Mahse a thiante chuan “hongbao” an ngiat a, zai turin an ti bawk a. “Hongbao” pathum vel leh mopa a zai hnu chuan kawngkhar chu kan hawn sak a. Mopa chu pangpar mawi tak kengin monu chu a hmangaih a a neih duh thu a rawn hrilh a. Tin, hmeichhe pheikhawk hi thuruk a ni a, mopa hian a zawng hmu tur a ni. Tichuan monu pheikhawk sen an zawn hmuh hnu ah artui soup an siam sak hi an pahnih chuan an in tir a. Hemi zawh hian mopa chuan monu chu a pawm chhuak a, ‘elevator’ ah inpawm lutin ‘limousine’ dum sei tak maiah chuan a pawm lut a. (Chinese hnam danah chuan monu hi an in atang hian lei rap lovin mopa in a thleng tur a nia, mahse tunlai inneih ah chuan restaurantah an lawm tlangpui) Restaurant ah inneih lawmna chawei khawmna ah chuan kan kal phei ta a ni.

Chinese inneih hi restaurant ah chauh hian ka kal thin a, mahse Racheli te inneih a an inneih sawngbawl dan hmu thei a ka awm hi ka lawm hle.

Rukru ka um
May ni 4 chawlhni khan inkhawm banah inlam panin ka hawng phei a. Kan Uni gate ka thleng tep tih hian ka ipte a sir zawnga ka ah hi a che deuh hian ka hria a. Ka ngaihtha lo chu ka hawi vat pah chuan ka ipte chu ka khawih vat a. Chutia ka hawi rual chuan pa valai tak mai cher sang lampang hian ka ipte zen a lo tum lai tak hi ka va hmu fuh a. Tichuan, ka lungawilo chuan chupa chu “I van zak thei lo” tiin saptawng chuan hau mawlh mawlh a. Tichuan ka ipte a thil a la lo ni a ka hriat avang chuan kal leh mai turin ka rilru ka siam a. Mahse ka mobile phone hi a peng a dah a ka inhriat kha ka hmu ta lo tlat mai a. Tichuan, rukru pa chuan a la a nih ngei ringin um zai ka rel ta a. Ka Chainis thiam ang chuan chupa chu ka va um phei pah chuan “Ka mobile phone min pe rawh” tiin kan Uni bul kawngpui lun laiah chuan ka um phei ta a. Ani min hlau chu a tlan kei au phei pahin ka um bawk. Tichuan, kawngpui lianzawk kan thlen chuan ral lehlam min kai san ta a. Um zui zel a him lova ka hriat avangin lungai tak chuan ka let leh ta a. Tichuan, kan gate bula parking fee khawn putar leh a thiante pathum lo thu khawm, ka awmdan zawng zawng min hmu a, misual pawh min lo hrilhrutute chu ka va hau phei ta hrep a. “Chainis ho hi, hetiang ang harsatna ah hian inpuih in tum lova a tha lo, tanpui ngai vek kan ni. Mahse in inpui duh lo reng reng a a tha lo.” tiin ka hau hrep a. Ka rilru chuan “e he rukru chungchanga Chainis ho ka zilh theihna chance” ka ti ani. Tichuan, chutia ka tih hrep hnuah chuan ka rilru in ka mobile chu ka sun ta a, kum nga lai ka lo hman tawh a nih avangin ka rilu a na khawp mai a. Mahse Pathianin a thar lei a hun a ti a nih hi ka ti a, ka in thlamuana. Haw tura ka kal chiah hi ka mobile ka kekawr ipte a ka ah pawng hi ka zuk hmu a. Ka nuih hi a za hle mai a, kalkawngah keimahin ka nui phei vur vur ringawt.

Chaina ramah hian rukru te hi an in luling em em a, mipui mimir hian rukru thil ru lai an hmuh pawhin an inhrilh emaw an um ngai lo a ni. Mi tamtak chuan heng rukru ho hi pawl anga thawk ho ni a an hriat avangin an hlauva, chuvang chuan an en liam ringawt zel. Chuvangin hetia rukru ka um pawh hi thil him ber a ni lo a, mahse ka awmna lai kha a ual au em avangin ka ngam chauh a ni. Kan thiante tamtakin an pawisa ipte te leh an mobile te camera te an hlauh laiin Pathian hruainain engmah ka la hlauh lo erawh chu ka lawm hle.

512 Wenchhuan lirnghing
May ni 12 Wenchhuan chhiatna rapthlak tak mai kha kan hre theuh awm e. Mi tam takin nunna, in leh lo leh neih zawngzawng an chan a. Mi tam takin nu leh pa, fate, pi leh put e, tute an chan a Chaina ram mipuite thinlung a chhun a ni. Kha lirnghing avanga harsatna kan tawhte tlem ka rawn ziak tawh a, vawiin ni thleng hian lirnghing hlauh avanga puanin a zan la riak te kan khuaah pawh hmuh tur an la awm a ni. Kan department phei chuan ni ruk lai chawlh a puan phah a ni.

He ramah hian kum nga lai mai ka lo awm ve dawn ta a, hetiang ang reng reng a he ram mite sawi danglam thei thil hi ka awm chhung hian ka la tawng lo. Harsatna rapthlak tak mai a ni a, thite, an awmna chin hriatlohte mi tam tak a awm a, a buaipututen an nun an chan phah bawk. Hetiang ang vanduaina ni mahse ram dang mi mit atanga ka lo thlir danah chuan he harsatna karah hian thil lawmawm tak tak ka hmu in ka hria. Harsatna liantham an tawh chuan mipuite rilruah midangte tanpui duhna thinlung a lian em em a, tin, inpum khat em em mai a harsatna tuartute tanpui tura an pen dial dial han hmuh hi a ropui ka ti. Kan dept. ah te pawh vehbur an khawn a ka students te pawhin an pocket money an khawl a, ka beisei aia tam tanpui nan an pe hlawm a ni. Mi tam takin an hriatchhuah thar, lawmawm bera ka hriat chu, he khawvelah hian sum leh pai um a tlan vak vak hian awmzia a neih loh zia an hre chhuak thar. Sum leh paite in leh lo ro te hi minute khat lekah chan vek theih leh hloh vek theih a nih zia hrechhuak thar tam tak ka thiante zingah pawh an awm a. Tin, sum leh pai um aiin inlaichinna tha neih a hlutna an hmu chhuak thar. Ka zirtirte zingah ngei pawh ka naupang thenkhatte ngaituahna hmang tam deuhte chuan classmate te nena mahni hmasial lova inngeih taka awm a thatna an hmu chhuak thar hian nasa takin min fuih a ni. Tin, a pawimawh ber mai leh lawmawm berah chuan ka naute ho ngei pawhin mihring chakna te hian min chhanhim lohzia leh Pathian chauhva innghah hlutna an hmu chhuak thar nasa hle a, hei hi ka lawmna ber a ni. Lirnghing avanga harsatna hian rei tak he ram hi a nghawng dawn a chuvang chuan tawngtainaah bang lova kan tawngtaipui chhunzawm zel a hlu hle.

Gladys Aylward-i in ka hmu ta!
May ni 23 - 24 khan ka thenawnnu leh a thiannu leh ka thawhpui Simona nen kan thawhna rama kum 1930 vela lo thawk thin Gladys I in tlawhin kan zin chhuak a. He nu chanchin hi tlem ka mail hmasaah te ka rawn ziak tawh. Japan nena he ram an indo laia naupang za rual Xi’an a tlang chhengchhe tak kara him taka hruai thlengtu kha a ni. Kan thenawm hmar lam province Yangcheng an tih khua ah khawsa thin a ni a. He khua hi kan awmna atangin bus kal a awm loh avangin a thenawm khuaah zan kan riak a. A tuk ni 24 khan taxi in Gladys I in en turin darkar 3 vel kan in khalh leh a. Tin, hmun lar tak a nih lem loh avangin a khua kan thlen pawhin kan zawng rei hle. Ka rilru a beidawng lek lek tawh tiin pa pakhat hian a lo hre hlauh mai a, chupa zarah chuan kan zawng hmu ta a ni. Pathian min hruaina ngei niin kan hria a ropui kan ti. Gladys I in hluiah chuan tumah an awm lova, a inkalh thap mai a. Mahse a thenawmah erawh chuan cheng a awm nual. Hmanlai Chainis in dik tak kha a la ni a, a nih ngai ngaiin a la awm niawm tak ani.

Hetiang hmu thei a ka awm hi ka lawm a, nasa takin Gladys I nun hian ka nunah thu a sawi avangin vanneih thlak ka ti. Ka ngaithuahna a kalsual changin Gladys I nun hi ka ngaihtuah vat a min fuih thar thin.

Pathian chauh a ropui nan

In rawngbawlpui


Issues of the mind!

In ngaihtuah ve ngai em....Isuan "A lan angin ngaihtuah suh ula, fel takin ngaihtuah zawk rawh u." "Do not judge or you too will be judge..." tihin Pathian lehkhabuah ziak kan hmu a. Isua hnugzui a a thuzawm inti te leh chanchintha hril a vahvaih pui inti te hian he thu hi ngaithuah chiang ila kan zawm em tih hi han inzawt ta theuh ta ila, kan van tlingzo awm lo hlawm em ka ti thin.

Hmanni ah kan thiannu pakhat nen nu pakhat chanchin kan sawi thuak a, chu ta a thilsawi chuan ka rilru a dek zar mai a. "A hmel enin a chak loh hmel em ka rilru a hmin tlat lo," tiin a rilru min hrilh a. Ka rilru ah ngaihtuahna a ti thui hle.

Ringlo mi tam tak ka kawm thin a, ringtute min hmuh a an hnualna em em ni a ka hriat fo thin chu kan "judgemental" lutuk a min hmuhna thin hi a niin ka hria. Mahni pawh kan fihlim chuan lohna leh kan fel fai lohna si ah hian midang ten an tih a nih chuan kan sawisel in kan hmu tlinglo zung zung mai thin. Hei hi Pathian duh loh zawng tak a ni tih pawh kan hre reng si a kan ti leh tho si thin hi!! Ka ngaithuah thin a, he thil hian hun rei tak atang khan min tibuai tawh a. Engtinge he sual lak atang hian ka fihlim theih ang tiin ka suangtuah nasa thei hle thin. Ringlo tu satliah pawh nilo "Pathian a awm lo" ti a in zirtirna hmunpuiah kan awm a. Tin, ramdang mi Ringtu te laka hel tak tak tam tak bulah kan awm a, ringtute chu judgemental (mizo tawngin ka dah thiamlo) turah min ngai nghal ringawt mai te hian rilru a tina thin.

Mihring rilru hi hriat thiam a har a nih hi.... Pathian ka thiam angin ka rawn ve thin he mi chungchang ah hian. Keimah ngei pawh hi hemi rilru put hmang lo awm thinah hian ka theih ang ang a inven ka duh thin.

A chang chuan ka naupang te inah lengin ka sawm a, kan han ti ti tak tak hi chuan mak tak tak a an thuruk te min hrilh bawrh bawrh te an awm thin. An hawn hnu a ka inngaihtuah vang vang hian engtia en zui tur nge tih ka ngaihtuah vang vang chang te hi a awm thin a ni. Heng mite hi Pathian thu a hruai luh ka duh si chuan en danglamna awm miah lova ka kawm zui theih an ngai si.

Ka ngaithuah chhuah a tha ka hriat tak chu, hetianga mi va sawisel chakna rilru neih veleh hian "Keipawh ka fel fai bik loh avangin, sualna leh tlin lohna nei ve tho ka ni chuvang chuan ka en kawi mai tur a ni lo" ti a inngaihtuah vat hi a tha ta viauin ka hria.... Heti chuan hian ka rilru ah ka sual ber pawl a la ni tho awm e.... a har a ni ber mai.