Sunday, April 15, 2012

All My Needs Are Met In You

I have a fifteen year old Korean classmate. I forgot how he came to know that I am a believer. With his limited English, he told me that he goes to a fellowship that caters to the foreigners. By this time I already found a place to meet up with others on a Sunday. I was some what torn between saying Yes to him and leaving my regular Sunday group. In the end, I decided to give it a go.

It was the 25th March 2012, the last Sunday of the month. My little Korean friend came to pick me up to join their group. So there I was, the first person to arrive that day. I realised that his father is the Shepherd of that fellowship and he himself is the worship leader as he plays piano very well!! When more people came in to join the meeting, I realised that most of the members were students from Africa. And to my joy and amazement, three Indians were among the members, two Nagas and one Oriya.

After the service, I invited my two new found Naga friends over to my little apartment. We talked about ourselves and were all excited to know that we were somewhat on the same boat. I suggested to them that we could meet up on a regular basis to just be able to share our burdens and take it to our Father in Heaven. We agreed to do so. In the process of our discussions, I shared about how I was not able to browse some of the webpage that I wanted due to the strong censorship in the country. They told me about a program that they use and that they would be happy to share with me. I was so amazed at the way God provided my needs at the time when I was struggling to buy it online and even the webpage of the ones that sells the product itself was blocked!! Thanks to them that I now can browse whatever webpage that I needed to see!!

My house is rather small and there is not much space for an extra furniture. We talked about how we would sit when we meet together and agreed on a small carpet, then we could all sit together on the floor. So, in the following days in that week, I was pondering about the kind of carpet/mat/rug I should buy. I knew that my resources are quite limited and I cant afford to buy expensive ones. While I was debating on that, I received an email from a friend giving out information to all her colleagues; including me because I'm her ex-colleague who just returned; that they have a rug that they wanted to dispose off!! I was surprised at the timing of the information. I knew it was something that I couldn't miss and I also knew that it came from my Father in Heaven. I just sat there looking at my email wondering how my God knows every detail of my needs! I haven't even shared about this particular need with him. It was something that was just in my mind. So I replied to the mail saying that I would take the rug and I also found out that if I was a few minutes late I would not get the rug as someone else was queuing for it.

This experience has inspired me enormously! I came out to this land with all that I have (I actually have nothing) trusting in His providence. And here I am, being provided with my needs for free. It was a good reminder that He is still with me, just as He had promised never to leave me alone!

The Bible says: Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. -Mat. 6:33 (New Living Translation); even though I haven't done anything great for Him, I knew that the Lord approves of my desire to buy the mat and he gave me a better one which I would not afford to buy. For some, this experience might be nothing worth mentioning, but for me it was a reminder of God's goodness and faithfulness in my life. I just want to put it down in words to look at them over again when I need inspiration.

Thank you Lord for your Providence in my life. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Culture Shock_Things that upsets me at times...

Today I went out with my friend to the park. Just want to share some cultural differences that upsets me every now and then. We were meant to meet at the bus stop at 1:00 o'clock. I left home at quarter to 12:00 as I had to take some money from the Bank. By the time I got to the bus stop it was exactly 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. Then text-ed my friend, told her that I was at the bus stop and would be there waiting. I got a reply telling me that she hasn't reached home from work. Then I told her I will be waiting...she replied again, "i will try asap." I replied, "it's ok, i'll wait." She apologized for being late and told me she would be there soon. Since, I didn't have time to eat lunch at home, I decided to grab a bite from the street vendors. Ate sticky rice and eggs thinking that it would only be 10 mins at the most that I would have to wait. To kill the time I took out the "Chinese Visual Phrase Book" from my bag , thinking that I could kill the time. So I waited and waited and waited...after 45 mins she turned up!!! I was a little upset that I could no longer be polite with her. I had to give a piece of advice, advice from a "Waiguoren", a foreigner. Apparently she had to take an extra class to cover her colleague up and she wasn't able to come out earlier.

Can't she just inform me earlier that she would be late?

"She thought that she would be able to make it." Very typical Chinese!!

In China, these are things that very often upsets would have been perfect if she had told me that she might be late before I left home,  then I wont have to stand outside waiting for 45 mins and I won't have to lose my cool!!

Of course she is my good friend, so we went to the park happily and forgot about what happened. We had a great day together.

We were on our way to the park, and there I saw some thing that was totally interesting. It was a Chinese traditional style popcorn maker. I was so enthralled by it that I started taking pictures without the face of the man who was operating it. Then, he started telling me off saying, "Two pictures are for free, if you take one more picture then I would have to charge you money." Why does everything has to be about MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!

I feel that at times, because of my Chinese looks they were being rude to me because they are very rude to each other at times.

Chinese style popcorn maker.

I sometimes don't always have the grace to put up with these kinds of situations and even though I know I should be more tolerant with them, I didn't have the patience to do so....An area where I need to work on myself, to be more gracious to the people who are not always so nice to me. 

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Chaina Ram Luh Leh Dan

Rinna Ke Chheh_1/2012
(Thian thenkhatten ka chhoh leh dan an hriat loh avangin a tlangpui a han tarlan ka duh a, ka newsletter pangngai ang chiah pawh nilovin ka kalkawng tlangpui ka han tarlang a ni e.A sei deuh a nih pawhin tlawmngaia min lo chhiar sak turin ka han ngen a che u)

          Pathian min hruaina kawng hi a chang chuan a bumboh ka ti ve hle thin a. Tun tum a Chaina ram min hruai thlen danah pawh hi awlai lo hle. Pathian hian Rinna a kal tur hian min duh a, ka rin zawh loh ni hi a tam hle in ka hria. Mahse Amah ringa ka kalnaah hian min thlahthlam ngai lova, vawiin ni thleng a ka nuna a thil tih zawng zawngte ka ngaihtuah hian Amah ka rinna chauh vang a ni in ka hria a. Chuvangin ka Newsletter hmingah hian “Rinna Ke Chheh” (Faith Walk/Faith Step) tih hi a inhmeh riau in ka hria a, kan han fuah ve ngawt a ni.
 Kum ruk dawn lai mai Chaina ram kal tura ka rilru a inbuatsaih hnu in, kum 2003 August 29 khan a vawi khatna atan Pathianin Chaina ram min dai tir ve a. Tichuan, University ah Saptawng zirtirin ka thawk ve a. Ka subject hi M.Sc Geology a nih avangin a chang chuan English zirtirtu a han thawh chu in sit a na thei hle. Mahse Pathian in mualpho lovin min hruai a, kum sarih chhung mai zirtirtu hna thawka ka awm hnu in kum 2010 August 29 khan, engemaw chen china ram rawn chhuahsan turin India ram ka rawn rap leh ta a ni.
 China ram a kum sarih a hminga ka awm chhung hian harsatna pawh ka tawk ve thin a, mahse ringtu tam tak te tawh ang taksa a tihduhdahna tawrh lam ni lovin, rilru leh ngaihtuahna lama min ti hnual thei an ni fo thin a ni. Chung harsatna karah chuan Pathianin mimal ang leh chhungkua ang pawhin min hruai chhuak, tap tlawk tlawk chunga amah kan belhna ti thlawn lovin vawiin ni hi min thlen a ni.
 China ram a kum li ka awm hnu khan, mumal deuhva Chainis tawng zir duhna ka neih avangin, kan University bula Tawng Zirna Schoolah ka in ziak lut ve a. Kar khatah darkar thum class ka kal thin. Hetia han zir takah chuan hnathawk pah ni nilova, tawngzir tawp hi ka duh thei hle a mahse ka dinhmun, sum leh pai ten a tlin si lova. Tichuan, Pathian hnenah ka rilru in ka dil thin a ni. China ram a kum nga vel ka awm atang khan ka rilru hi a beidawn chang hi a tam hle a chu chuan ka rawngbawlna ah pawh a chang chuan min ti thuanawp lek lek thin. Pathian hnenah “Lalpa, in tuaithar ka duh, India rama hawn a, vision thar nen a China ram hi luh leh ka duh a ni,” tih hi ka tawngtaina a ni thin a. Chutianga ka tawngtai fan fan hnuah, kum sarih hnu ah chuan ka hawna tur kawng a hawng ta a. Pathianin hun a tih hunah chuan ka hnathawhna lamah pawh thawh chhunzawm chak lohna tur thil a lo awm ve zel mai a. Tichuan, Pathian  rawngbawlna kawnga min hruaizelna beiseina nen India ramah engemaw chen awmturin ka hawng ta a. Kohhran hoten duhsak takin, ka awm chhung HATIM College ah min dah a. Tangkaina nei tam lo hle mah ila Pathianin min dahna hmun a ni tih ka hria a ka lawm hle. HATIM College a ka thawh chhungin Pathianthu leh Conversational English ka zirtir a, tin, Hostelah Warden in ka awm bawk a ni. Pathian min hruainaah ka lawm hle.
 Chaina ram ka chhuahsan khan Tawng zira luh leh duhna nen ka chhuahsan a. Hnamdang zingah rawng kan bawl a, tawng duh ang thal a thiam lova rawngbawl chu an rilru chhungril khawih a thusawi a har em a. Pathianin rem a tih phei chuan Chainis ringtute Mizoram kohhan hote zinga han hruaite ka chak em em a. Chutiang rilru ka neih avangin India rama ka awm chhung hian hruaitute hnenah Chainis tawng ka zir duh chhan, thuk zawka rawngbawl ka duh vang a nih te sawiin, ka vision te ka hrilh a, budget te ka insiam a. Kum khata ka mamawh awm vel, ka khawsak theihna tur ni a ka hriat kan chhut khan India pawisa Cheng 525000/-vel a ni a; chumi budget chu kohhranah ka thehlut a. Tichuan, Hruaitute pawhin committee hrang hrangah ka chungchang an rel a; committee hrang hrang a kaltlang hnuah Chainis tawng zir tura min chawm chu harsa an tih deuh tak avangin kohhran chuan an theih loh thu min hrilh a.
 Chaina ram ka chhuahsan hma atang tawh khan, Pathian hnena ka inhlanna chu, “Lalpa kohhranah hian Chawm ka dil anga, an thei lo a nih chuan Nangmah rinchhana  pen chhuak turin min duh ah ka ngai ang a, a tul a nih chuan kohhran a misonari ka nihna hi ka bang mai ang,” tih hi ka tawngtaina a ni thin a. Chutia hruaitu committee in rem an lo tih loh takah chuan Pathianin Amah chauh ringa chhuak turah min ngai niin ka hria a. Hetianga ka chungthu rel a lo nih takah chuan, ka kawng zawh tur chu a chiang ta tih ka hria a, Amah ring a kal tur chuan ka inbuatsaih ta a. Chaina ramah Tawng Zirna College ah admission ka buaipui nghal a, awlsam takin an ni chuan admission min rawn pe a. Hruaitute hnenah ka inbuatsaih chhung chu min hrethiam turin ka ngen a, an ni pawhin ka inbuatsaihnan hun thawl min pe a. Ka admission te, visa te a fel vek hnu ah February 25, 2012 khan India ram chhuahsanin Chaina ram chu tawng zir turin ka rap leh ta a ni.
 Hetia Pathian rinchhan chauhva kal tura han in buatsaih taka chuan, a chang chuan ‘a’ te ka in ti thin. Ka hlauh ber chu retheih hi a ni fo thin, mahse ka hna atangin kan bang a kal tura kan han inbuatsaih takah chuan mite thinlungah Pathianin hna a thawk a, sum leh pai ka mamawh a Sing tela ka rawngbawlna atana min paitu te min han pe nawk chu hnuk hi a ulh lo thei lo a ni. Ka thianpa, pakhatin ka thiltum ka hrilh atangin pawisa min lo khawl sak tang tang a, cheng Nuai chuang a lo tling khawm bawk a. Mak ka tiin Pathian hian ka thiltum hi min pawmpui ve ngei niin ka hria a ni.
 Ka thleng chhova Pathianin min buaipuitu tur min pe a, inluahtur te min pe a. Semester khat atan ka fee ka pe a, thlaruk atan ka inluahman pek tur sum leh pai min pe bawk a. A chang chuan hlauhna te hian min rawn bual leh thin, mahse hlauhna hi Pathian Rinlohna a ni tih pawh min hriatchhuah tir bawk thin. Chutianga ka kal thlek reng lai chuan Pathianin min enkawlna min hriatnawn tir nan, ka thian thenkhat ten thlatin ka rawngbawlna atan sum min rawn thawn tur thu min han hrilh leh a….Ka nghei ang tih ka hlauh em em laiin Pathianin min chawmtu tur min pe thin te hi Amah bel ngawihngawih tur ka nih zia min hriatnawn tir thin.
 Tawng zirna lamah pawh Pathianin min hruai a, kan pawl hi an tam deuh avangin A leh B ah kan inthen a, Class 2A (a thiam pawl :)) ah min dah ve anih chu!! Ka pawlpuite pawh Russian te, American te, Irish te, Korean te, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan   tih vel ram atanga lokal te an ni hlawm. A tam zawk hi chu semester khat lo zir tawh te an ni hlawm. Nitin zing dar 8-12 class kan kal thin a, homework kan ngah ve thei khawp mai a, tin, chinese character hi ziah reng loh chuan theihnghilh a awl em em a, hunawl chu chutiang tih nan chuan kan hmang deuh ber.

Tawngtaipuina tur:
1.      Fees ka pek leh hun atan semester hnih daih pawisa ka neih theih nan: semester khat te te a pek chu visa siam man a to si a, kumkhatah vawi hnih visa tih nun a ngai zel a, semester hnih man fees pek hian visa kumkhat min pek theih ka ring a (ka la zawt fiah lo) chumi atan chuan Pathian hnenah ka mamawh min lo dilpui turin ka han ngen a che u.
2.      Tawng han zir takah chuan a har ve hle a, rilru zawng zawnga ka zirnaah ka inpek theih nan. Rilru la peng thei thil a tama, ngaihpawimawh hmasak tur hmaih palh a awl bawk.
3.      Pathian vanga awm ka ni tih ka hriatreng theih nan, min ti hnual thei thil lakah Pathianin ka rilru min ven sak reng ka mamawh.
4.      Mahni tawn theuhvah hian kan kawng theuh hi a har a, mahse ka kawng hi har tih bik riau chang ka nei thin, hetiang rilru karah hian Pathianin ka tan a thil ruahhman hi ka hmuh thiam theih nan leh Pathian chauh ka beiseina a nih fo theih nan. 

In rawngbawlpui