Thursday, September 25, 2008

Easy Prey for Thievin Wanderer

One thing about our city is that everyone is vulnerable to thieves who seems to be wandering about searching for easy prey. Once again I fell prey to these thievin wanderer on the streets that I've come to be so familiar with.

It was raining in the afternoon, as I always do when I go out, I carried my back-pack (with just two books inside) on my back walking towards my humble abode hiding under the umbrella that I was carrying. Even though I was aware that its never safe to carry bags at the back of our body, I sometimes take my chances too, partly because I get frustrated always having to stand on guard. Sometimes its easy to identify a person who could be suspected as someone who might be possibly a pick-pocket, based on a layman's judgement from their appearance, which may not be necessarily true. From experience those judgements are never really true possibly because I didn't get to see them in action or I'm just not the one they would attack. I don't know. A few thieves tried their hands on my bags but so far never made it. Some are kids, some young men and some middle aged including some beautiful girls that one would least expect!

As I was walking along the street, deep in thought, I felt pressures on my bag behind me but I didn't attend to it as quickly as I used to because I was walking deep in thought. At first I thought it might be my umbrella brushing my bag. Then suddenly the brushing became harder than before and that's when I remebered to turn my head to find a man's hand on the zipper of my bag. The man was wearing a deep oranged coloured Polo shirt and possibly in his 40's. He continued to walk as if nothing had happened. When I turned to see him in action I saw on the side of the road, a few other people staring at him in action. But the hardest thing to accept is that people turned a blind eye to these kind of thieving for fear of being a victim for helping their prey.

Once again I'm happy to share with you that I managed to get away from being pickpoketed for the ummteenth time!! Someone may call it a coincidence but I would like to call it Divine intervention!! The simple reason is that I forgot my purse and didn't carry anything valuable, except for the two books and two pens deep down inside my backpack. Also, this time I was holding my mobile phone inside my skirt pocket unlike the last time!! I was a little upset with myself when I realised that I forgot to carry my purse thinking that I would give myself a little treat by going to the foot massage. After this incident, I was inspired to be thankful to God even in simple situations like this because HE knows and CARES!!!


  1. hehe..Hemi ni hian ka hmuchak ngawt mai che:-)

    Btw, Mizo tawng khan angaihnawm zawk mahin ka hriat chu. Mizo tawnga i ziak ka chhiar hmasak zawk vang nge maw ni dawn.

  2. bro this is a different story that happened on thursday... the mizo tawng one was months ago.... this is the story of our life here... it happened to me on a number of occasions and by His Grace i was always protected in strange ways...and this one is the latest incident.