Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm Back Guys!!!

It's been quite a while since I updated my blog. My apologies to all the guys who are anxiously waiting for me to get back to you. Thank you for your patience with me. The last few months was a bit busy getting ready to go home and then finally home unable to really get time to write mails etc. I had a great time while at home with my family and now I'm back to the place where I call HOME!!

I'm settling back fine into my city and it makes me feel like this is where I belong. I realized this time much more how much I have grown to love this place and the people. I live in a small foreigner community within a bigger Chinese community and sometimes I often feel very displaced. My experiences over the last few years of living with a group of foreigners among thousands of Chinese people has helped me to blend the two cultures together and now I have less culture shocks...i.e, the east and the west. Dad is growing me in different areas of my life and I'm still learning. I want to thank you all guys for your constant support and encouragement. Hope to catch up with you more often.

I want to leave you a few of my latest shots......
Dinner at Dynasty Hotel Hosted by the University
Friends at the Foreign Affairs Dept.
New students undergoing military training at night.
Sunset from my Uni


  1. Ualkham Bek,U Mami :D

    I thiannu chu a ek-bathlar a van sang ve leee :D

  2. Lal Join a hi cu che rang thin mang teh e oooo!

    Ualcom back Puii. Hope to see more posts in da future :)

  3. haha,in che rang dun2,ualkham back iam iam ouh,puii han update leh char char mai teh le.

  4. @jinx : keite chu achangtupa, " mama" ka ni tlats a alawm..:))