Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Detour- Moments that cannot be bought !!!

Sometimes the most memorable incidences in our life comes when we least expected them. Something that never went missing in our Univ. organised trips is to get lost in the expressway at least once before reaching our destination. This time instead of getting lost the driver brought the wrong identification card for the vehicle after being on the road for about 2 hours. Phone calls were made and arrangements were made to deliver the necessary documents. For those who are mere passengers we had to wait without complaining :). We decided to venture into the interior of the village and it was an interesting sight to see. There are some people building a house, some selling vegetables in their tricycle, some doing cement works, etc. One activity that interests us most was a lady washing clothes on the side of the road. She was washing clothes in a tub and just next to her was a washing machine connected with a long cable from the house which was at least 5 meters away. We tried to figure out the exact connection between the washing machine and the washing by the hand. We had a good time chatting with the people trying to figure it out but our language was not enough to help us understand exactly how they wash clothes. We also had an interesting time chatting away with the villagers who happen to pass by at that time too. Even though my look was not so unfamiliar to them, my Caucasian friends were definitely interesting for them.

This picture interests me because it looks like a "Thlam" and its truly beautiful.

Working with Cement Mixer

Interesting concept: Washing with hand near a Washing Machine

People working on the roof.


  1. van nalh em picture ho chu..i like it a lot..cos'they are very chinese..:-)

    ..good photographer indeed..!

  2. Bro chu i ti lawmawm thin e....kan thiam tak tak a maw kan ti palh ang tih a hlawhawm.

    Thanks anyway :)

  3. Bro chu i ti lawmawm thin e....kan thiam tak tak a maw kan ti palh ang tih a hlawhawm.

    Thanks anyway :)

  4. Hetah pawh John a lo awm leh tawh :P

    Great blog Puii. Can I add you to my directory of Zo Bloggers like the rest of your friends like John, Rema, Sino etc?

    And where were all these snaps taken?

  5. Why am I not surprised about the washing machine and the lady, Puii? Lolz

  6. Ok got your reply. And in order to increase traffic on your blog, I am promoting you at :)

    Keep blogging Puii, awaiting to read more such posts.

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  8. Quite a day u got urself... I would consider myself Very lucky if i were to see the washing incident lol...

    A very interesting experience

    Nice blog btw

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