Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Great Class- My Dream!!

If you are a teacher you would understand how it feels to have a class where the students are cooperative and everything seems to work out perfectly, just as you planned. You come out of the class feeling elated because you feel that you have achieved something.

Well, this his how I feel about one of my class. It's one of my Wednesday's class. At the beginning of the semester on my second week, when I was so much looking forward to having a great class, I made the mistake by being late as I struggled to find the class. Big Mistake!!! Period!! Its really difficult to get the rapport once you lost the chance and this is exactly what happened in this class. So, today on the fourth class I was close to tears in the classroom as i felt that I hit wall with this class. In my frustration I decided to talk to the monitor of the class about what had happened in the class.

The information I got from the monitor was a shocker. He told me how all other teachers had struggled with the students in his class and how the students are forced to come to our school by theirs parents. Most students come from well to do families but lack attention from their parents. They never really felt love in their life. Many of them are not interested in studies and the most shocking of all was that some of them were even involved in physical relationships with men to earn some extra money. Most of them are in their teens. It was a heart-breaking news indeed. The monitor and I are one in Spirit and he told me of what he did to help the class. But there seems to be very little that we could do. Our hearts goes out to them and we promised to each other that we should continue to be one in Spirit.

This is probably an extreme case or perhaps just the worst class among all my other classes. It will be unfair to label all my classes with the same name. There are some classes that are just angelic too. If the description of a great class is cooperation in the class, determination among students, and a great ambition among the students. This is perhaps something that I will always dream of having. Some of the students that I came across has the opposite description.

They say it's good to have a dream, and as long as I am with this school perhaps I will continue to dream of having a great class. I do hope to see that day will come to pass!!! I will continue to dream for my students that one day they will see the true meaning of life and be the positive change for their class. I will try to work hard in collaboration with the Spirit towards achieving that dream. Please be with me in Spirit.


  1. Hey U mami:),ngaihnawm thei hle mai..heng university nun te hi lawm vei awm tiraw..Thawhtur hi avan tam tak em tiraw..

    Nun kawng dik kawhhmuhtu hi an vanmamawh tak em..

    han ziak zel khai..

  2. Chhiar a manhla khawp mai, thu i thiam zek hi mawle..:)

  3. Dear Zorun,
    Ka blog min lo chhiar sak thin a ka lawm hle mai. I comment te hi a hlu em em a ni, its really an encouragement to know what u feel about my writing cause i always felt so small when i write. Ka thianten blog i neih thu min hrilh a, it wud be nice to read one of urs...min lo hrilh ve ta che i phal chuan...:)