Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Driving in our city

Our city is known for it's chaotic traffic situation.  It's always a challenge to cross the roads on a busy day. The street lights doesn't always control pedestrians nor the people on cars. Sometimes I find myself following a crowd only to find that I went through the red light and had to stop right in the middle of the road with all the cars passing by. 

Today I saw two cars almost head-on-head with each other. From a distance I thought that they had head-on collision with  each another. On closer look I found that both the drivers just didn't want to pass each other in spite of the wide road. Instead of making way for the other both the drivers got off their cars and waited outside for the other to give way! Then I thought about our traffic back home. Even though its such a small and narrow road, people have consideration for one another and try to make each others driving life easier. How I sometimes miss my people!! Sometimes these kind of things really annoy me.............I really need the grace to understand the people. 


  1. Dik chiah. Tlemte pawn lo in tai palh se, engmaha chhiat/ran loh pawn pulis an ko ngei ngei zel te hi..in ngaihdam ve mai awm ka lo ti thin!

    'I really need the grace to understand the people.' - I agree

  2. Bro, everyday I hung on to the promise that He will be with me. A awlai lo thei khawp mai. Nitin hian min pinch tu hi a awm ve thin bawk sia...

  3. Dik khawp mai, vawiin poh vai ho motor in kawn in kian duh loh avang in vawi 2 traffic a jam, leh lam ve ve in pelh tum in kian duh si lo hian a ti buai thlak a ni.... Horn an hmang nasa thei bok si ...:-) Mizoram kawng zim a motor lo khalh poh hi a lo nuam zawk in ka hria...